How it works?

Our proposed sewage treatment system is a combination of Ozone and Multi-media/Activated Carbon Filtration treatment process for the efficient removal of contaminants in the wastewater.



Influent enter the collecting tank one (1) until collecting tank two (2) is full. Transfer pump starts to fill contact tank and settling tank 1-3.


Process System

Float switch will now closed indicating the contact tank up to settling tank 1-3 is filled and command the automated controller to start the process system. Process pump starts to pump contaminated water from settling tank 3 passing to Multi-media Filter (MMF) and venturi injector where ozone is mixed going to contact tank.

This process last for two (2) hours as first treatment time since the chamber is filled by 100% sewage water. Second treatment will last for one (1) hour to one hour and thirty-minutes since the chamber is mixed with seventy percent (70%) treated sewage water and thirty percent (30%) contaminated water coming from collecting tank.


Discharge Process System

After process system, the discharge process will start. Discharge pump start to collect water from settling tank 4. Pump passing through Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) as fill effluent and can passed DAO 2016-8 parameters.



Bio-filtration is set for automatic backwash every three (3) days. Backwash will go to collecting tank one (1), to dissolve solids and turn it into liquid. In a long process, our system does not require sludge pump or machine.

Advantages of Using our System

DENR Compliant DAO 2016-08
Low-power, advanced monitoring and control systems, fully automated
Costs less than traditional treatment options with low maintenance
Eliminate huge pump and compressor
Natural treatment with no chemicals
Suitable for discharge to the environment
Effluent can be used for irrigation and flushing (grey-water)
Smaller footprint

"Save the rivers, Save the FUTURE"