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STP Solutions Philippines is the first and leading provider of Sewage Treatment Plant using Advance Oxidation Process in the Philippines. Our promise is to turn our waste waters into clean water before bringing it back to the environment.

"Let's save our Rivers"


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Our focus is to help not only Baguio City, but the whole Philippines regarding our sewage problems. Every seconds counts when it comes to the mother nature. Why risk the environment when we have the solution?


Demo Unit at Military Cut-off during the testing of our STP System.


Advance Oxidation Process (AOP)

First in Baguio on Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) brought by a Baguio based KBWORLD company, AOP’s unparalleled in the field of water treatment, They can effectively eliminate organic compounds in aqueous phase in minimal space, rather than, collecting or transferring pollutants into another phase.

Tackling Peace And Order In The City

Newly elected city mayor Benjamin Magalong made a commitment to come up with an innovative peace and order program for our city.

The commitment is part of his 10-point agenda that he campaigned for in winning the nod of the voters during the recent local elections.

Now how innovative the peace and order program will be is a matter that will have to be shown and implemented when Mayor Magalong will sit down in office as the chief executive of the city for the next three years, at the minimum.

We love Mother Earth

Whether you own, operate, or help manage a municipal or industrial facility that deals with wastewater, it’s important to understand how wastewater treatment can play a significant role in the overall health of your business. Every business establishments should comply with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrator Order No. 2016-08 which entitled Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016. We support our President Duterte’s ideals to protect our environment.

What is Advance Oxidation Process?

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), in a broad sense, are a set of treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in water and wastewater by oxidation.

Hydroxyl radicals, the ultimate oxidant for eliminating organic pollutants, are created through Ozone Solutions’ AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) practices, using three proven treatment technologies (Ozone, UV, Hydrogen Peroxide).

We together with our STP clients share the same goal –To save our Environment for the next generations to come. Improper Wastewater Treatment process is the main cause of Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, and Typhoid Fever.

Photos of current STP Clients